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Tring Guitar Tuition


Dear Patrick, Just a quick note to thank you very much for your great guitar tuition! My son has learnt such a lot about different guitar techniques and music theory, and has grown in confidence with this soloing and composition. We've really appreciates your flexibility in fitting around his school work and tailoring his lessons according to this experience and what he wants to learn, rather than following a fixed course or programme. Your friendly nature and positive approach make it easy to learn. Can't wait for the next set of lessons!

Jenny, Hawkwell Drive, Tring.

My son had guitar lessons with Patrick. Patrick was a very good and patient teacher who always made the lessons fun. He made sure that the music he game Matt to play/practice was interesting and relevant to his age. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend him as a teacher. 

Sandra, Aldbury.

Patrick has been a real inspiration to our daughter. He knows how to channel her energies positively! Patrick has a relaxed adaptable teaching style, following individual musical interests and adapting the lesson accordingly.

Jo, Tring.

I have thoroughly enjoyed learning the guitar with Patrick. He quickly determined the level at which to teach and provided suitable music for that level. The lessons were relaxed and fun, so that learning was automatic and enjoyable. He is an excellent guitarist and just watching him play, his hand position, method of strumming, picking and placing of fingers was an education in itself. He also had a great understanding of the theory related to the guitar, which in turn made sense of the chords and hand positions he was teaching. I would recommend him highly, especially to someone who wants to learn solo playing, chord strumming and electric guitar.

Natasha, Tring.

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